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How To Improve Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

How To Improve Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

Falling on hard times and filing for bankruptcy doesn’t mean your credit score is irreparable. While the bankruptcy process can take a toll on your credit, there are steps you can take to build your score back up, allowing you to eventually get lines of credit in your name and even purchase a car or home. After serving as top bankruptcy lawyers in Myrtle Beach, we’ve developed these steps in helping clients rebuild their financial futures.

Check Your Credit Report

Get in the habit of going through your credit report with a fine-tooth comb every six months. Know when to expect the bankruptcy items to fall off your report, and follow up with a creditor immediately. if something doesn’t look right. Over time, you will see your credit score start to climb.

Make Requests In Writing

If you do notice a mistake on your credit report, make any requests for changes in writing. Within your request, be sure to include your name, social security number, and the problem you have with the creditor’s mark on your report. Send the documents through certified mail so you have proof of delivery. Continue to follow-up until your case is resolved.

Eliminate Debt

Settling your debt and working out a payment plan is just half the battle. Begin paying off the creditors, making each payment on time. As you pay off your debt, your credit score will grow. Be attentive to the creditor’s notes on your report; they should be documenting your timely payments.

Apply For Secured Credit

Secured credit cards work very differently than traditional cards. With secured credit cards, you are essentially paying ahead of time, and using the card as a debit. These cards are designed to help rebuild credit scores. The amount of money you put down on the card is recorded as a line of credit. You then use the card to make purchases and continue to refill the card as cash decreases. Your consistent responsible use of the card will improve your credit score.

Don’t Close Accounts

Just because you’re working toward a better financial future, it’s not the time to call up all your credit card issuers and close your accounts. Closing lines of credit will only slash your score more, so cut up the cards if you’re trying to avoid using them, but leave the accounts open.

Know Your Limits

As bankruptcy attorneys, we’ve seen instances where people file bankruptcy and over time resort back to old financial habits – landing them back in the same predicament. Use the time you take to rebuild your credit score after bankruptcy as an opportunity to develop new money spending and saving practices. Don’t apply for too many credit cards or loans, set money aside for future needs, and keep track of your spending.

It’s difficult to rebuild your credit score after bankruptcy, but it’s not impossible. Be diligent in paying off debt and continuously monitor your report for inaccuracies. You’ll begin to see a change in your score as you take control of your finances.

Myrtle Beach Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you have questions about filing for bankruptcy, please do not hesitate to call our team of Myrtle Beach bankruptcy lawyers. We are experienced in helping people get back on financial track.

What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy and Divorce

What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy and Divorce

There are a number of reasons to consider filing bankruptcy. A major life event, like divorce, can certainly put a strain on finances, and if there’s a dispute between assets or paying debt that was acquired during the marriage, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer to begin the process may be your best option. Whether financial disagreements led to the dissolve of the marriage or settling the money is just an item on the ‘to do’ list, bankruptcy cases that involve an ongoing or recent divorce must be analyzed carefully by your  bankruptcy attorney.

Should I File Bankruptcy Or Divorce Papers First?

If you’re in a situation where you haven’t yet filed for divorce and you’re also considering bankruptcy a sensible question to ask your bankruptcy lawyer is which should you file first? Have an open conversation with your attorney about how you plan to terminate the marriage. Describe to your Myrtle Beach bankruptcy attorneys if the divorce will be agreed upon or will require litigation. If litigation is inevitable, you’re first move should be to hire a competent divorce lawyer.

While it will be more costly up front, having a divorce lawyer and bankruptcy lawyer to handle each issue independently will be critical to the success of each case. Your attorneys can communicate with one another to ensure the cases they are presenting complement one another.

How To Divide Assets And Debts?                                                                                              

A divorce determines how you and your partner will split your property, including your home, cars, furniture and more. The divorce decree will also spell out how the two of you will pay debts you acquired during the marriage. It’s important to know that whatever debt you agree to take or are ordered to pay, you cannot discharge that debt in a subsequent bankruptcy case.

If you’ve just finalized your divorce, have your divorce decree handy when you meet with your bankruptcy lawyer in Myrtle Beach. Your attorney will need to look through the decree to see which debts you must continue paying and which are eligible for bankruptcy.

File Bankruptcy Jointly Or As Single?

If you and your spouse are planning to divorce but are also considering filing bankruptcy, you’ll face the question of whether you should file bankruptcy jointly or separately. While each case is unique, if it’s possible, filing jointly will save money in court costs and attorney fees. Filing jointly in bankruptcy court will also alleviate the issue we described above of discharged debt. If you and your spouse file bankruptcy and then divorce, the creditor will have no one to contact for payment as you’ve both discharged your liability in bankruptcy court.

When facing a divorce and bankruptcy, the key is communicating with your bankruptcy attorney. If you’re in the middle of a divorce, or recently finalized one, bring the divorce decree to your attorney’s office. In many cases, filing for bankruptcy together prior to a divorce, can make for a much smoother and less costly divorce proceeding.

Myrtle Beach Bankruptcy Attorneys

We have handled many cases and helped many people navigate the steps through filing for bankruptcy in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas. Call us for a private consultation today.

4 Must-Have Characteristics For A Bankruptcy Lawyer

4 Must-Have Characteristics For A Bankruptcy Lawyer

As you search for a trustworthy bankruptcy lawyer in Myrtle Beach, you’re understandably at a confusing and possibly frightening time in your life. You want to find a bankruptcy specialist who is going to go beyond that task of signing papers and speaking on your behalf.

It’s crucial to have bankruptcy attorneys who will patiently explain your options and who genuinely have your best interest at heart. Bankruptcy is not the end of your financial life; it is a way for good people to clear themselves of unmanageable debt brought on by unexpected circumstances or creditors who are relentlessly harassing you and your family. As you search for a local bankruptcy lawyer, ensure that your legal team has these four characteristics.


Understanding that the bankruptcy process is detailed and calls for time to make the right decision is not a point to dismiss when searching for a bankruptcy attorney. Choosing legal representation strong in patience will not only be a benefit to your case, but also allows you to see the energy your attorney is putting into your situation. No bankruptcy case is the same, so you don’t want to choose a lawyer who jumps the gun before understanding each creditor, your assets, and what will put you in the best position moving forward.

Calm Demeanor

It’s natural that conversations about money and your personal property – your home, car, and other belongings – can stir emotions. You may become scared or angry over the conversations you have with your bankruptcy lawyer, so choosing a legal team that displays an even temper will help keep you calm. It’s your attorney’s job to explain your options, what happens moving forward, and how your family will benefit in each choice. While your emotions may be riding high, those of a trustworthy attorney will not.

Clear Communication

As you go through your options for local bankruptcy attorneys, ask how each will communicate with you through the process. Will the majority of the information you need come through the office’s paralegal, does the lawyer prefer to meet in person, how long does it take for the attorney to return phone calls? Know what to expect before signing on with any one legal team. Ask how your bankruptcy legal team will communicate with you and how often you will hear from the lawyer.


To determine if the bankruptcy lawyer in Myrtle Beach you want to work with is honest, ask for references and search the legal team online. What are previous clients saying about the team’s work? You should look for specifics like if the person would hire the attorney again, how regularly the lawyer communicated with the client, and the end result of the case. Filing bankruptcy is likely one of the hardest decision you will make, so only bring honest, hardworking lawyers onto your side.

Local Bankruptcy Attorneys

As you make the decision on your bankruptcy lawyer, keep in mind that your case is unique. Your family and your situation should not be regarded as a case number, and finding a Myrtle Beach bankruptcy lawyer who supports you as an individual will be key to your success and future satisfaction with the process. Call us today to review your needs and how we can help you get back on track. We have two convenient locations in Murrells Inlet and Myrtle Beach.



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